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Windows version: I like the concept but completely unplayable due to a bug that causes placed tiles to visually rotate despite not programmatically updating. Causing mis-tiling and frustration. 


This is a lovely puzzlegame that stops just short of being a great one. Its a vs puzzle game (against another human or AI), where you place a tile and depending on how the colors match, you get more points. Match one side, 1 point, match all 4 sides 10 points, points subtracted for wrong color placement. The game has online multiplayer, single player challenges and single matches and it feels like a well made family board game that you can have some good time with. There is a bit of strategy, considering you always have 2 pieces at hand, so you can try to prepare the board for your other one, but I wish the game had more of these strategical elements (additional bigger shapes for extra points, like big diamonds, or T shapes and whatnot), as otherwise your decisions feel a bit too railroaded with relatively limited options. Still, lovely and absolutely worth checking out, if only for the SP challenges and some light family socially distanced boardgame fun. 3,5/5

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I played this a few months back and remember thinking it was nice but not varied enough to keep my interest. There are an admirable number of options of board size, etc., but none of them make a huge difference to the core gameplay, which is what I didn't fully connect with. Also the controls took a little more work than I expected in some way. But the presentation and such is generally great, even if not for me personally.


I really like the style of this game but had a game breaking bug happen - my GF and I tried to play online multiplayer together (side-by-side) and the game gave us the wrong information about our tiles. I placed a red-red match and got -1 point, while on her screen it did not match, then she placed a tile and had the same issue. our screens showed different tiles. 

THEN I tried to exit the match and I cannot click the "exit to menu button". I can click the exit game option, but when I restart the game it takes me back to the same screen. so since I had only played a little I tried un and re-installing the game. It launches to the same screen. So the game is fully unplayable for me at this point and I'm sad about it.  

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Could you tell me which version you're playing? (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.) I think I might have a fix already that just needs ushered out.


If Linux is having trouble launching because of font issues, try to "Set Launch Options..." as:

mkdir fonts; echo '<fontconfig><dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir><cachedir>fonts</cachedir></fontconfig>' >fonts/fonts.conf; FONTCONFIG_PATH=fonts ./nw # %command%

I like the general gameplay, and I like the ability to change the color scheme and background (though the original color scheme is still my favorite!).

I found the controls a little clunky at first, but I definitely prefer them to faster controls that might lead to more mistakes, and I got used to them pretty quickly. Good job on that! A lot of games like this have controls that make it really easy to make (frustrating) mistakes, so HUGE kudos on making tile-setting more deliberate.

The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is that when I've selected a tile, all available spaces for me to set it down on flash. Having them change color to make it more clear to the player which spaces are open isn't a bad idea, but the flashing is distracting and hurts my eyes after a bit, even though I plan where I want to set tiles before selecting them to minimize the time in between selecting and setting down a tile. I wish there was an option to turn it off - if there is and I somehow missed it, please let me know.

Overall - quite nice. I like the several levels of opponent AI and simple but strategic gameplay, and the controls are great.


Love it! And I totally agree with KeronCyst - this would be great for mobile, and I would totally purchase it if it released for Android.

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Having played this and Fleuret Blanc. So many similar sounds. Such nostalgia!

Makes me want to play Fleuret Blanc again.

Played only two games, and it feels like such a planning-based game. Easy to play, hard to master, it seems. Nice!


Hahaha! Ya caught me, I definitely have a selection of custom SFX I like to reuse.

Glad you like it. :)

Great fun! Definitly something I can see myself getting a bit lost in playing.

Fascinating and well made. This would be excellent as a phone app. Will it be coming to Android?

Thanks for the compliment!

I had spent a couple of months working on an Android version but never managed to optimize ECON into an acceptable form worth launching. If the game ever makes enough money for me to hire a professional Android porter I'd love to do so, but right now it's not financially viable. I'll keep my fingers crossed, though!

Darn. I have no coding skills but it's tooootally worthwhile as a mobile game. Maybe rev-share offer?

I always offer RevShare when hiring, but I gotta say, almost no one takes that deal. Maybe a simple one-time contracting payment seems more secure or something. But maybe I'll poke around again when I get some funds and see if I can make it happen. :)

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If you've got this for free you're not getting a Steam key. Please stop asking the same exact thing on every game page you claim for free during a sale.