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ECON is a minimalist abstract board game about making elemental connections. Relax, think, and solve the situation as it unfolds.

You can play the FREE browser demo here!

Connect colored tiles on the same board as your opponent while using the growing field of vivid squares to gain an advantage. Struggle against six types of computer opponents, each with their own method of outwitting you. Learn the gentle nuances of play to eke out those precious few points.


-Simple, easy-to-understand gameplay
-Satisfying strategies
-Online multiplayer, single player, and puzzle challenges
-Minimal visual elegance
-Smooth soundtrack by Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III and Fernando Carabajal
-Light visual customization
-A good aura, like an old friend

ECON is a board game I developed in 2003 to play with friends. It started with poster board and markers, then slowly progressed into hand-crafted wooden versions that I lugged around different countries to play with fellow strangers. It's pretty cool. We can play in real life if you like. Or online!

Connect with people on DISCORD to plan matches or talk!

Thanks for taking your time to play! Enjoy!


Creative - Only cares about matching tiles.
Simplistic - Cares about matching tiles and gaining points.
Normal - Doesn't care about misconnections if it thinks it can get more points on the next turn.
Mindful - Cares about matching tiles and borders for the most points. Avoids misconnections.
Thoughtful - Carefully tests the mentality of lesser and greater AIs.
Efficient - Will do whatever it takes to win.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

econ-elemental-connection-win.zip 90 MB
Version 3
ECON (linux64) 94 MB


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Love it! And I totally agree with KeronCyst - this would be great for mobile, and I would totally purchase it if it released for Android.

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Having played this and Fleuret Blanc. So many similar sounds. Such nostalgia!

Makes me want to play Fleuret Blanc again.

Played only two games, and it feels like such a planning-based game. Easy to play, hard to master, it seems. Nice!


Hahaha! Ya caught me, I definitely have a selection of custom SFX I like to reuse.

Glad you like it. :)

Great fun! Definitly something I can see myself getting a bit lost in playing.

Fascinating and well made. This would be excellent as a phone app. Will it be coming to Android?

Thanks for the compliment!

I had spent a couple of months working on an Android version but never managed to optimize ECON into an acceptable form worth launching. If the game ever makes enough money for me to hire a professional Android porter I'd love to do so, but right now it's not financially viable. I'll keep my fingers crossed, though!

Darn. I have no coding skills but it's tooootally worthwhile as a mobile game. Maybe rev-share offer?

I always offer RevShare when hiring, but I gotta say, almost no one takes that deal. Maybe a simple one-time contracting payment seems more secure or something. But maybe I'll poke around again when I get some funds and see if I can make it happen. :)

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If you've got this for free you're not getting a Steam key. Please stop asking the same exact thing on every game page you claim for free during a sale.