Elemental Connection Soft Rebrand!

Elemental Connection rebrand!

When I made this game around 2002-ish, I called it Elemental Connection. It stayed that way all up until the digital release, where some friends said it'd work better as ECON. I never really cared for that, so I figured, with this next batch of little fixes I'd just go ahead and do a soft rebranding to Elemental Connection again. Back to the roots, babeh!

- Rebranded to Elemental Connection
- Turned off TOUCH sensor
- Change default player name so it's not 0
- Added 3 boards to multiplayer
- Added 4 more songs
- Changed Master Volume changer into Music and SFX separately
- Changed internal jukebox junk
- Show which song is playing in menu during play
- Added 2 new backgrounds
- Added ability to sample music in options menu
- Changed some icons/GUI
- Tweaked menu timing to prevent some overlap bugs
- Updated spinner image
- Updated victory section
- Added Fullscreen option to mid-game menu
- Modified multiplayer Emotes a bit, and added a sad one
- Added animation shorcut in options menu
- Other bug fixes

Thanks everyone!


econ-elemental-connection-win.zip 139 MB
Version 6 93 days ago
econ-elemental-connection-linux.zip 150 MB
Version 2 93 days ago

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