Achievement Bug Fix

Some versions of Last Word may prompt an Interpreter::Achievement window before crashing. The newest versions (D19-M03-Y2020) should have that fixed.

Your save files can be transferred to the newer folder in the same file as the executable. :)


Last Word (Internal Save)(D01-M07-Y2020).zip 84 MB
Jul 01, 2020

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I'd like to report that I'm getting the same error, also after getting Hidden Word Lv6, but it only crashes when I interact with the save point, or the stats viewer. I can complete the game as long as I don't do either of those after getting Hidden Word Lv6.
I'm playing on Windows 10, as well.

Thanks for the extra info!

Do you know which version of the game you're using? Like, which file you downloaded to play?

According to my download history, it was Last Word (D22-M03-Y2020).zip, for Windows.

Great, thanks for the help. :)

You've already beaten the game so maybe it no longer applies, but just to let you know the newest version should no longer have this problem. Thanks again. :)

I've downloaded this and I still get this error after getting Hidden Word Lv6. :(

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Are you playing on Windows or Linux?

Windows 10

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Great, thanks, I'm looking into it. :)

If you want to send a copy of your save file to for testing, that would help.

Just popping in to let you know this bug should be fixed now. :) *crosses fingers*