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Folks, let's talk about a fun game. A card game. A game for friends, family, strangers, geese, bears, squirrels. A game for the park, for the bar, for after you wash the smell of the wild from your cloak.

This game is about animals, and you. And luring them. It couldn't be more clear to you now... you want to catch these animals.

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You are rival naturalists aspiring to gain official recognition from the Queen by luring the best animals from her royal gardens.

Animals require different Bait or Traps depending on what they prefer to eat and where they are in the Garden. Many of the Animals have special quirks that alter the way the game is played and lead to incredible combos!

Earn as many points as you can by collecting Animals before the Queen arrives. The highest score wins.


Use your turn either accumulating Bait or using it to lure Animals from a shared area. Animals require different Bait depending on what they prefer and where they are in the Garden. Earn as many points as you can by collecting Animals before the Queen arrives. The highest score wins!  


- 2 to 5 players
- 15 to 30 minutes to play
- Hand management, but some Animals introduce light set collection, engine building, and take-that ideas
- Fast turns, interesting decisions!
- Assets: 90 cards, nothing else
- Allows for clever, evolving strategies
- Each Animal is unique and interesting
- High replay-ability (due to setup randomness)
- Simple, inviting images/theme

NOTES: This project was formerly called Royal Pest Control. Title subject to change. If you are a publisher and want to work with me, please contact me. :)


CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreCard Game
TagsAnimals, freebird-games, Hand-drawn, hand-management, pnp, set-collection, twelve-tiles
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Lure is a surprisingly complex and strategic game that will make you think of different possibilities to outsmart your friends and family. One would expect there is only so much to do with a card game about catching animals—you get as many as you can before time’s up, and you win. Except, turns out there was more than "gotta get them all", and I really appreciate all the effects of the different animals that allows for very different play styles. Because of this, it doesn’t get old even after playing for hours, and my entire family liked it.

A very fun card game that I very highly recommend to anyone enjoying strategy and competition (well I mean, friendly competition please don’t kill each other for a bear or a goose). You won’t regret it if you get it (even if that means hours of cutting through paper and plastic!)